Are you finding the amazing natural wonders and destinations in Asia

The Asian continent covered with amazing natural wonders and destinations to see alone or with your family members or friends. Whether you are living in Asian continent or any other continent, it is better planning your trip for 10 to 15 days to visit these various beautiful destinations located in the different parts of Asia.

Natural wonders in Asia:

• Halong Bay, Vietnam – Here, you can see more than thousand five hundred islands along with the inlets to enjoy your travel time and watch the sunset over its soothing waters.
• Longdong, Taiwan – It is the home to a few of the extraordinary rock climbing in the world and you can see the most clear Longdong Bay water that offers unbeatable views from the top portion.
• The Chocolate Hills, Philippines – In the bigger landscape of the small Bohol island, you can see the dots of thousands of unique brown hills. No one knows how these unique hills were formed naturally. During the rainy season, all these brown hills will become green color.
• Flaming Cliffs, Gobi Desert, Mongolia – This place is not only beautiful to look but they also have a few pretty amazing discoveries like dinosaur eggs and bones.
• Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Thailand – It is one of the biggest waterfalls in Thailand attracting huge numbers of the travellers who swim in its clear water.
• Marble Rocks, India – If you are sailing along the way of the Narmada River, there you can see the most beautiful white marble rocks which tower above it. They are the very soft marbles which can be quite easy to cut.
• Natural Forest Park of Zhangijiajie, China – It is the first national forest park in China which is considered to be the home to the various diverse ranges of the scenic areas.

More attractive places in Asia:

• AI-Hasa Oasis, Saudi Arabia – It is Asia’s biggest natural oasis that stretches over thirty thousand acres and is supplied by more than sixty artesian springs. This wonderful water is probably framed by around three million date plants.
• Karst Mountains & Caves in Guilin, China – These are absolutely the beautiful hills with the deep caves that have attracted an attention of the several numbers of travellers around the world.
• Mt. Kelimutu, Indonesia – There are over 3 different lakes containing the water in different colors.

Some more places in Asia to visit include Komodo National Park in Indonesia, Okama in Japan and more. As a beginner to the tourism in Asia, you can concentrate on how to enhance your travel plan and improve your efforts to execute such plan. You can seek advice from travel experts and take note of the best suggestions to fulfil overall travel expectations. Though there are loads of options to explore in Asia, you have to comply with your schedule as well as budget. You can contact and seek advice from specialists in the natural wonders and destinations throughout Asia. This is worthwhile to be safe, satisfied, comfortable from the beginning to end of the tourism.

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