Things that make New York the best city in the world

New York is a city of dreams for a lot of people. People dream of settling in this city. This city has it all, from lavish happening night clubs to gorgeous art and craft galleries. Here, we are listing some reasons which make New York, the best city in the world to live in:

1. the most linguistically diverse city

In New York, near about 800 languages are spoken, making it one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. People in New York speak a wide variety of languages ranging from Garifuna to Bosnian.

2. Decreasing rents of houses

According to a report by Zumper, there is a decrease of near about three percent of the rent prices in New York City. It might be a one bedroom apartment but people will accept whatever they get just to get a chance of living in this beautiful city.

3. Opportunities for glamping around

Glamping is a thing which is getting very popular amongst a large section of youth nowadays. There are various famous places which are ideal for glamping in New York like Governors Island and Jacob Rills Park beach.

4. A nightlife that will make you smarter

In this city, a person can mix any amount of cocktails that he wants along with having some of the best intellectual talks. Bars here provide ample opportunities for people to sit and talk about everything ranging from the science of death to UFOs.

5. Beautiful ferry system

Finally, the city of New York has its own ferry system which is really easy to use. What is even more surprising is the amount of money that this ferry charges. For a journey from the Bronx to Rockaway, the fee that is charged from the passengers is 2.75$. What is even more interesting is that this ferry has its own bar.

6. Late night Bars

One of the key reasons that make the nightlife of this city so happening is the late night bars. Many bars such as Nowadays and Good Room operate even late than 4 a.m. in the morning.

7. Lot of things to do 24*7

This city never sleeps and there is always something that you can explore here whether it’s daytime or midnight. There are many activities like devouring a plate of Pierogi at Veselka, Rock climbing at Rock Healthiness and Fitness club, etc. which are open throughout the day to try and learn.

8. World’s most exciting venues for concerts
There are multiple globally famous venues such as the Beacon Theatre, Village Vanguard, etc.

Apart from these, there is Brooklyn steel which is one of the best places in New York to watch a live performance. It has views without obstruction, a strong sound system, and copious bars.
There are many points apart from the ones mentioned above which make New York a dream destination for many people but you need to explore those on your own by visiting this city of dreams. This city is a beautiful mixture of linguistic, art and cultural diversity and should definitely be visited once in your lifetime.

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