Tours in Auli- Enjoy adventure, skiing and sightseeing places

Normally, visiting a new country for the first time can be very exciting. Many people actually dream of traveling across the world and finding the new traditions, cultures and also breath-taking sites with their friends, family and special loved ones. Preparing for an adventure requires more planning, budgeting and exact scheduling to make it more pleasurable as well as memorable for everyone at the same time.
Of course, one of the ultimate skiing destinations to visit in India is Auli. It is considered to be as one of the best ski resorts in worldwide. There are lots of popular points available to enjoy in Auli, so many tourists from abroad are making their path to Auli. This growing number alwaysclues at this place’s prospective as one of the biggest tourist hubs. It is also well populated with the manmade temples and lakes to add a lot to the scenic beauty.
The Auli is most famous place for providing the enormous skiing opportunities for the adventure seekers. This is a wonderful place, where they collect to experience that adrenalinehurry by picking for a thrill of skiing. This place is located just 16 kms from Joshmith. Also, it is an extreme winter resort, where the snow-covered terrain ranged from an altitude of 2519 m to 3049 m. The Auli is also blessed with stretches of 10-20 km of snow covered hills that are ideal for skiing.
Tourist’s attractions in Auli
Auli skiing- A winter adventure sport
This famous Auli skiing resort in Asia grab the adrenaline enthusiasts from various parts of the world. It is located 16 kms from Joshmith and also taken care of by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam.
Along with enjoying the amidst snowfall on Auli, the skiers can also get around several places of attractions such as,
• Chenab Lake
• Chattrakund
• Joshimath
• Gurso Bugyal
• Bhavishya Badri
• Kwani Bugyal
• Vanishinarayanan Kalpeshwar
How to reach Auli?
 By air: The Jolly Grant Airport is situated at Dehradun, just 273 kms away from Joshimath
 By rail: The railway station at Hardwar is built 270 kms away from Joshimath
 By road: Auli is located 16 kms away from Joshimath
Worthwhile travel packages to Auli
The Auli is a snow white mountain peak of the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttar Pradesh. Its height is about 3050 m higher than the sea level. Definitely, the Auli is a wonderful place for the nature enthusiasts to invest a great holiday as well as to satisfy your long cherished dream. Now, there are several worthwhile travel packages available to Auli that have been provided by many tour hotels and conductors as well.
The tour packages to Auli almost include everything from accommodation to meals as well as skiing for the adventure looking people. The transfer fee from respective hotels for prime stay as well as a full expense of breakfast and railway fees to Hardwar is completely affordable and also includes the entire expenses for a whole journey. You can also find the most celebrated hotels in Auli that provides you a vast array of packages to the cater clients of a differ class.

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