Why is Sydney known as one of the best Australian City?

Sydney is known to be one of the best cities in Australia. This is a fact that almost everyone in the world knows, but few are aware of the reasons behind this particular thing. Here, we will be discussing the points that will probably tell you that what makes Sydney the best city in Australia.

1. Yong Henry’s beer

Coming to Sydney and not making to the Young Henry’s is such an unfortunate thing one can ever experience. Young Henry is one of the local beers of Sydney. If you love drinking beer, then it should be in the list of the top things to do here. Even if you do not like beer, go to the shops and bars to experience bohemian culture along with the crowd of diverse people. If you are wondering, where to find it, and then search for the food trucks parked at the roadsides.

2. Manly carry ride

If you are a movie lover and have seen movies that are based in Sydney, you must have seen this place. Although this ferry ride is a part of the daily life of the local people, it is worthy to go on it if you are new to the place. The scenes experienced in the way to it, are to die for. It is such a beautiful thing that one could not describe it in words. To experience it, one needs to visit it.
3. The thrill of surfing at Bondi Beach
This is one thing that makes to the bucket list of a lot of people. There are classes named Let’s Go surfing which gives a two-hour basic training to those who aren’t a pro at this. This one experience helps a lot of people in shedding their fears.

4. A journey to Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo is the biggest island in the harbor of Sydney. It is set at the joint of Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers. This place takes you back in history as it has been a location of multiple infrastructures like a prison, an industrial school, etc. There are various campsites and glamming packages available here for tourists to enjoy.

5. See the creatures of Taronga Zoo

This is a not for profit zoo. It is home to near about 4000 animals ranging from koalas to echidnas and giraffes. You can also encounter many endangered species here. Also, there are various glamming sleepover packages available here which is a thing worth trying while you are here.

6. Tasting oysters at Sydney Fish Market

The Sydney fish market is the biggest fish market in the whole southern hemisphere. Apart from this, it is also a port and a popular lunchtime spot. You can dine in here and you will get to try some of the freshest seafood. There is also a tour package of this amazing place which starts at 6:40 a.m.

Well, the list of the activities mentioned here probably answers the question that why this place is known as the best place in Australia. One could afford to miss visiting it, at least once in their lifetime.

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